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Anastasia & Roman



"Dear Hanna, you made just an incredible job!!! All the pictures are amazing and so emotional. You managed to capture these special moments for us, our tears and laughter during the ceremony and especially by the first look. We cried looking at the photos now because they return us to the most special day for us, our wedding! We are so thankful to you, your time and patience, and hundreds of wonderful photos for us that are from now priceless memories! Love your pictures so much!!! Thank you many times!!!! You are such an incredible professional! 

Best wishes from Stuttgart, Germany Anastasia & Roman!"

Emma & Christoffer


THANK YOU for this! We just looked through the pictures again, and they’re just sooooo good. You really captured a lot of great moments and you really managed to capture the mood from the big day. I can assure you that we’ll keep looking back on these pictures for the rest of our lives. Thank you!! And our friends and families, who saw the pictures, are sooo happy with the pictures as well. Everybody just wanna have party with you as the photographer, haha.

Melanie & Theis


Omg Hanna, we are SOOOOO OVER THE MOON over these pictures! We cried again we are some crybabies the two of us. You did such an amazing job ALL DAY! You captured SO MANY BEAUTIFUL Moments during the WHOLE DAY! 
My friends and family are so thrilled as well! I've gotten so many insane comments from my friends! I just have no words! I'm speechless!